First letter of first name First letter of last name Last letter of last name
A stinky diaper head
B lumpy toilet mouth
C buttercup giggle face
D gidget bubble nose
E crusty girdle tush
F greasy barf breath
G fluffy lizard pants
H cheeseball waffle shorts
I chim-chim cootie lips
J poopsie monkey honker
K flunky potty butt
L booger liver brain
M pinky banana tushie
N zippy rhino chunks
O goober burger hiney
P doofus hamster biscuits
Q slimy toad toes
R loopy gizzard buns
S snotty pizza fanny
T falafel gerbil sniffer
U dorkey chicken sprinkles
V squeezit pickle kisser
W oprah chuckle squirt
X skipper tofu humperdinck
Y dinky gorilla brains
Z zsa-zsa stinker juice