Memorandum of Understanding (Sample)

Disclaimer: This document is provided as a sample only for educational and informational purposes, and is not an official legal document. Before entering into any legally binding contract, we advise you to consult a lawyer in your jurisdiction.

This Memorandum of Understanding is made on Month, Day, Year between ____(Client), whose offices are located at ____, and ____(Contractor), whose offices are located at ____).

The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to precede a longer-term contract arrangement in which planning documents, deliverables, and site requirements are produced.

1. Services To Be Performed. The Contractor agrees to perform the following services for Client including but not limited to: _____ Work may be started on the final site before a contract is entered and is understood to be part of this Understanding until such time as a contract is entered.

2. Payment. In consideration of The Contractor's performance of these services, Client agrees to pay the appropriate portion (50%) of the total cost for the site development which is projected to be not more than: ____.

Further, Client agrees to pay all of The Contractor's expenses in connection with this Understanding, including travel, supplies, equipment, phone charges and any other third party expense relating to the Understanding. All expenses, except phone charges, must be pre-approved by the Client in writing.

To activate this agreement, The Client will submit a check for ____ toward the final project cost. The future contract will define payment terms for the balance of the project amount.

3. Copyright: It is understood that the Contractor retains all copyright to the work under this MOU. Copyright terms will be set when the Understanding moves to a contract, and *will include release of copyright to the Client on the full terms of the contract fulfilled, including full payment. * NOTE: * to * may change according to your practice.

Optional: a) What happens if you do not move to contract.
b) Non-disclosure statement.

Agreed to and accepted by:

The Contractor

The Client

Dated: _________________