Guide to Choosing a GPS Fleet Tracking System

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Global Positioning System (GPS) has revolutionized fleet management in the transport industry. Many fleet operators have adopted the use of GPS hardware and software due to its ease of use. Besides tracking the vehicles, GPS offers you an array of benefits such as managing fleet maintenance, decreasing fuel consumption, improving driver’s productivity and safety, etc. Before choosing a GPS for your fleet tracking, it is essential for you to ensure that it is the right and best system for your business. Below are tips to guide you towards getting the perfect fit.

Know your Unique Business Needs

geo tagsInvolve all managers in critical departments in the decision-making process. This will help you understand the kind of solutions you need the system to solve. If yours is a small business and you handle different managerial roles, look at the business from a perspective of each department. Are you looking for automatic reminders on fleet maintenance? Are you looking for an easy way of tracking each driver working hours? Are you looking to reduce time wasted by drivers when drivers get lost? Or do you want to minimize fleet theft? This will help you determine all the unique business needs.

Determine Your Future Needs

You need a system that will grow together with you. Thus the right system needs to fit your future needs. You also need to ask providers on the success of the system in improving overall productivity and efficiency in the past.

Identify the Key Features You Need

Once you determine the needs of your fleet business, you will be able to quickly narrow down to the features that your system of choice must have. If you need to reduce costs incurred in expensive repairs as a result of forgotten or late fleet maintenance, then the system must have automatic reminders for this. If you are looking to reducing time wasted in reconciling data on driver’s working hours and wages, then you need a system that can quickly generate a payroll.

Choosing a Provider

You can entirely understand your needs and know the features you need, but with the wrong provider, the GPS fleet system will not effectively yield the expected results. Choose a provider who has excellent customer care skills and who will be there to train you and give you tips on how to utilize the system to get the ultimate benefits. The provider should also be available for guidance even after the implementation stage.

Visit the provider and ask them questions, assess their responsiveness and customer care skills. Only choose a provider you feel comfortable working with. You can also check the system provider’s reviews online or ask for testimonials from previous clients.

Test Drive the System

Once you have narrowed down about 3 GPS fleet systems, install them in different vehicles and compare the performance. Experience will enable you to make an informed decision based on the first-hand experience.

Take your time and research before settling on a system or provider to work with. It might be time-consuming and tiresome, but it will be worth it. Remember that this is a long term investment, thus cost should not be the priority. However, ensure that you get the best deal for your budget.