Why You Need an Antivirus for Your Computer

In the spirit of prevention rather than cure, some computer users want to prevent virus attacks on their computers by staying away from activities and substances that transmit computer viruses. Others who have upgraded to the most recent operating systems with pre-installed antivirus programs believe that they do not need antivirus software. However, whichever way you think about it, antivirus software is still important, given the number of new malware pieces created every day. Here are a few reasons why you still need an antivirus for your computer.

Detecting and Eliminating Malware

cyber attack warningThe primary function of any antivirus is detecting and eliminating malware. As long as you are still using your computer, you cannot completely eliminate the risk of virus attacks. This is because the computer world is very dynamic. What was relevant yesterday is history today. For instance, computer viruses mainly find their way into a computer through connection with infected external devices or through the internet. However, future trends in virus attacks is a subject that has left tongues wagging in the computer world. As new methods of staying away from viruses are invented, hackers find new ways of attacking computer programs. Indeed, that is why hijacking computers and stealing people’s identity is more rampant today than before. The explanation is simple: the development of viruses has also changed with time. Hackers have become smarter and viruses can now find their way into your system via unconventional ways.

Modern Antivirus Software is More Robust.

Traditionally, antivirus software mainly prevented computers from virus attacks. Presently, antivirus software keeps browser hijackers, keyloggers, dialers, and all forms of cybercrime at bay. Some antivirus versions actually provide protection from advanced persistent threats (ATP), phishing attacks, online baking attacks and browser helper objects (BHOs). If this trend continues, future antivirus software will be able to do more.

Antivirus software does more than protecting

Apart from detecting and eliminating malware, antivirus software makes the overall computer usage easy and friendly. That is why you still need it even if you think you are safe from malware. As long as it is updated, antivirus software keeps watch of literally everything you do without interfering with your activities. It, therefore, makes it easy for you to use your computer without any worries or fears. Additionally, modern antivirus software also provides other services such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and password management software.

Cybercrime is on the rise

Cybercriminals increase by the day. Additionally, these criminals are quick to discover and exploit security loopholes. This means that you should be as safe as possible at all times. This requires you to install antivirus software because you occasionally need to install both new software and software upgrades. Unless you have professional antivirus software, you will not know which software is safe and which one is not. This is a very risky position for a computer user of the 21st century.

Pre-installed antivirus software is not sufficient

Currently, there are operating systems that come with pre-installed antivirus software. Most people like these operating systems because they have everything under one roof. However, research has shown that such operating systems are actually more vulnerable to attacks because the antivirus software works the same way in every computer with these operating systems. Thus, though installing antivirus software makes the computer slower, it is a sure way of being relatively safe from malware.