A Review for Sony 4k Camcorder

The Sony 4k camcorder managed to accommodate the SteadyShot stabilization system in a compact action camera that can shoot in motion and in extreme conditions. Comparing the filming of the Sony 4k camcorder reviews and the previous cameras of the series when riding a bike over a bump, we noted the advantage. Cameras like GoPro do not have image stabilization at all.

Key Features of Sony 4k Camcorder

Zeiss Tessar lens; System image stabilization Balanced Optical SteadyShot (BOSS); Up to 30 frames per second with 4K resolution;of uo 120 frames per second with 1080p resolution; 4K Timelapse; Remote Live-View Remote included; Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; Manufacturer:
Management and Design BOSS stabilization will still work well when shooting at full 4K resolution. This was not possible on the previous Sony 4k, so you had to lower the resolution to 1080p to use simple electronic image stabilization.

Sony4k Camcorder is a new flagship action camera from Sony, which is not much different from previous models from Sony. The style and form are the same as in the series before, a pleasant variety among the mass of GoPro imitators.

White glossy body looks beautiful, like the 4k. All control is now carried out through the back panel – at the bottom, there is nothing, unlike some other models. Therefore, now when mounting the camera, there will be no inconvenience. A tripod socket is standard for Sony cameras, and the GoPro adapter costs a bit.

The Sony 4k Camcorder, though more than many Sony action cameras, is still quite small and light. The protection class against water is IPX4, so splashing the camera is not a problem. For underwater filming, there is a waterproof case with which you can dive to a depth of 60 meters.

Lens and GPS

The camera is comes with ar lens and a 1 /25-inch Exmor R CMOS sensor with a resolution of 8.2 megapixels. When shooting in 4K, the focal length of the lens is 17mm, but if you lower the resolution to 1080p, you will achieve a narrower field of view.sony 4k camcorder

At 4K resolution, the Sony 4k can shoot at 30 frames per second. More cinematic options are available here with 24 fps and 25 fps. You can also shoot videos with a bit rate of up to 100 Mbps if you use Sony’s XAVC format. In 1080p, the frame rate rises to 120 fps, which is useful for slow-motion shooting. In any case, the BOSS will work in all versions.

Thanks to the GPS sensor, it is possible to combine images with speed and route or get an informative video about your movement. The Sony 4k also has a jack for connecting an external microphone.

Sony 4k Accessories 8, Apps

The Sony 4k has a Live-View Remote wrist remote, which is mounted like a clock and allows you to see what you are shooting. It is very useful because there is no display on the camera, and the application on the smartphone is not always convenient to use The new model of the remote is 24% lighter and 30% less old.

A new grip for the fingers is very convenient and useful for travelers. You can hold the camera with your index finger, and change the shooting angle to a large one. Digital zoom can be adjusted using the controls on the side of the remote control. The menu on Live-View Remote is now the same as on the main body of the camera.

Previously, the menus differed, and this created confusion. Bluetooth is supported, so you can remotely turn the device on and off. As before, there is a mobile application “PlayMemories,” which can emulate many of the functions of the remote control. The battery lasts for 135 minutes of shooting at 1080p or 60 minutes using 4K resolution. The battery is removable, meaning that it can replaced quickly if you have a spare one.

How to Safely Clean a Keyboard

Most people don’t take good care of their keyboards. Most of us eat over them, spill drinks or foods onto them, and the worst part is that we don’t clean them. In the long run, the keyboard remains dirty, sticky, and gross until one of the keys stop functioning.

Cleaning a keyboard can be a tricky thing to do because any slight mess can damage the whole keyboard. When the time reaches for you to clean your keyboard and evict that bacteria and nasty grime, the following steps will guide you.

Shut Down the Machine

It has always been and will remain to be the best practice when starting to clean your keyboard safely. Disconnect the power source and the keyboard from the machine as you don’t want your hard drive near water and disinfectants.

Shake the Keyboard Out

Holding your keyboard firmly while facing upside down, shake it out over a garbage can so that any pieces of food or dried crumbs will fall out. This is thanks to the force of gravity. Shaking the keyboard while facing upside down is an essential step because it gets the bulky stuff before precise scrubbing starts later on.

Use the Compressed Air

In between the keys on the keyboard, there are tiny spaces where dust can gather over time. Shaking the keyboard alone cannot remove this dust. When this dust combines with tiny food crumbs, it’s impossible to remove by scrubbing. All you need is compressed air. The compressed air comes in cans. They function by blowing off the dust in those tiny spaces. Remember to be outside in open air when using the compressed air can.

Time for Scrubbing

external keyboardNow that you have gotten rid of the bulky stuff and dust that accumulated in tiny spaces between the keys, you can focus on those slimy and grimy keys. In this step, you need a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol also known as isopropyl alcohol. Pour a small amount of alcohol on the cotton swab and carefully scrub each key. Remember not to pour too much alcohol onto the cotton swab. You can also go for a second round to clean the keys. The alcohol will also get rid of most germs and bacteria.

Removal of Keys

If you feel shaking, use of compressed air and scrubbing is not good enough; you can decide to remove each key. If the keys stick down after pressing them, there is probably dust under the keys. Remember to use the manual for safe removal of the keys. The technique is, however, not applicable to all keyboard.

Rebuild the Keyboard

After cleaning beneath the keys, let the keys dry for a while. As soon as they are dry, return each key carefully ensuring each key gets back to its position with a small amount of pressure. You can then proceed to give the keys one last wipe by using a dry cloth.

Repeat Often

Cleaning your keyboard frequently is the key to a clean keyboard. Cleaning the keyboard more often keeps it free from scum and dirt or any buildup of dust.